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About Us

Founded in 1990, DOASNA focuses on commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Over the 23 year period, the organization has risen to new heights of achievement and position, standing today on a commitment to engage in Engineering India's future.

DOASNA is today peopled with professionals, who bring on board a heritage of knowledge, experience, creativity, innovation, and meticulousness to the services rendered. In-house teams of Engineers and Professionals, follow best practices in Engineering, which eliminate non-essential cost; providing clients with outstanding Products, Machineries and services.

Using cutting-edge technology, equipment and software, we expedite and control timelines, well in advance of the project initiation.


Our vision is to be an organization that consistently generates breakthroughs in keeping with the values and principles, we have set for ourselves. We will endeavor to achieve in terms of our focus on people, integrity and the respect for our clients.


We corporately and individually strive to live the founding values of DOASNA- Quality, Hard work and Honesty; through focus on people and teamwork, cemented by mutual respect and genuine client partnership. We endeavor to operate from the highest ethical industrial standards, thereby implementing technology and offering services that consistently empower our people and delight our clients.

The Three Ideals of DOASNA

Team Spirit enables us to recognize and focus on people as our primary asset. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that DOASNA is a workplace offering opportunity, engagement and rewards for achievement. This is cemented with mutual respect and client partnership.

Veracity helps us stay close to the founding values of quality, integrity, and hard work. Our insistence on maintaining the highest ethical industrial standards, enables us operate on trust, doing the right thing and following the highest standards of service, quality and attention to detail.

Dedication is the bonding agent that directs our focus to the most creative and fitting solutions for our clients. Respect for our clients and caring for clients as unique individuals has resulted in some long-lasting relationships.

Who we are


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