We are one of the most experienced suppliers and manufactures of Steam Boilers made up of the best raw material, enables effective processing and helps in preparing the outer shell of cashew nuts.

The boilers have a steam cooker and single or three stages of processing as per the requirement of the client with all safety measures. We also offer customized products according to the client’s specifications.


Operating raw material: Electric, wood, diesel, cashew shells and cakes, agro waste, etc.

Capacity: 40, 60, 80, 160, 320, 640 Kg and higher as per the client’s requirements

Shelling Machine

We manufacture all types of shelling machines (Hand Sheller, Paddle Sheller, Semi-Automatic Sheller with 2, 3, 4 and multiple blades in various technical Specifications. Custom build automation with accessories like RCN Grader, Hopper for RCN, Shell Cyclone Separator, and half-cut and un-cut separator can be provided to customer requirement and space available.

We offer precision engineered machines designed by highly qualified and experienced professionals using supreme quality components and latest technology at very affordable prices.

The machines have a high loading capacity and are equipped with best quality cutting blades for continuous and automated shelling of the Cashew Nuts.

Heating Oven

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Drying Oven used in Cashew Nut Processing. Our each and every product is made with high grade raw material and is closely examined on different parameters to meet the highest standards of the industry. We offer a variety of Drying Ovens to suit client requirement from 40 Kg to 1000 Kg.

Not only for drying cashew nuts, this hot air circulating oven is also suitable for heating and drying material in pharmacy, foodstuff, herbal ,crude drug, packing bottle, dehydration vegetable, fruit, leather, wool, salt and catalyzer etc..

The ovens are equipped with superior quality electronic system for effective control of the temperature and time to prevent overheating of cashews while they are in the drying process. They are available at competitive prices and we ensure that they are delivered on time.

We maintain a uniform standard for Oven, Tray and Trolley sizes, so it can be exchanged with multiple machines. We have stock of spare trays and trolleys for immediate delivery whenever required. The heating source can be selected from steam, electricity, diesel, hot water etc...


The heat treated Cashew kernels are humidified by means of electrical humidifier. The Cashew kernels in trays kept in trolleys are humidified in a closed room for a period depending on the atmospheric conditions and moisture level of Cashew kernels. The treatment time varies anywhere between 15min. to 20 min., depending on the condition of the Cashew kernels and prevailing climatic conditions.

We supply tailor made Humidifiers based on the capacity required by the clients.

Peeling Machine

We, at DOASNA, with our wide industrial experience specialize in providing high quality Cashew Nut Peeling Machines. These peeling machines are made up of high quality raw materials, using the latest technology to meet the expectations of our clients.

Our Cashew Peeling Machines have high peeling capacity and can handle up to hundred kilograms. They are commonly used in small, medium and large scale industries and are capable of peeling cashew nuts of different sizes. The internal components are made up of high quality stainless steel and the machines work on the mechanism of compressed air.


Peeling capacity : 50 to 60 kg/hr (single) (Approx) or 100 to 120 kg/hr (double)

Material: internally made by stainless steel (S.S)

Grading Machine

Modern semi-automatic grading machine.
The size grading machine separates broken and whole kernels & whole kernel can be separated according to size requirements into 3 sizes at a time. This machine operates on ½ hp motor. The machine can be customised with required automation.

Packing Machine

We supply both tin packing system and Pouch packing system, Conventional Tin Packing

The graded and moisture conditioned cashewkernal are filled in 18Lt/ square tins, 25Ibs (11.34kg) to a tin. The Caseewkernal are fed into the vibratory filling machine through a pneumatic Foreign Matter Segregator (PFMS). 8 Tins (Leak tested and Tar weighed) are filled at a time; Filled tins are then weighed for a net weighed of 11.34 kg plus or minus 10gm using electronic weighing scale.

The weighed tins are “Vita Packed”. Vita packing is the process of vacuumising and injecting inert gas viz. Carbon-di-oxide or Nitrogen into the cashewkernal filled tins. The gas infused tins is hand-soldered hermetically using lead free solder.

Modern Pouch Packaging system

Cashew Kernels can be also being packed in multilayer flexible pouches; gas flushed and sealed – 25 / 50 pounds net per pouch. All importers in USA and Europe prefer this system of packing.

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